HR Labour Relations & Administration

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o The entire process of arrival of new employees (DPAE, contracts or endorsements, affiliations...)
o He/she writes the mission letters and all the contractual changes related to the HR Manager
o He/She prepares various letters to employees
o He/She controls and follows the mutual exemptions of employees
o Non-executive payroll management:
-He/she prepares fixed elements (seniority, leave) and variables (interest, bonus, overtime, illness, accident),
-He/She controls all time management processes for non-executives,
-He/she participates in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual returns - mandatory declarations
-He/she provides the interface to employees and answers questions about pay, leave and payroll taxes.
o It applies existing regulations, collective agreements and enterprise agreements.
o He/She travail provides relations with social organizations
o He/she prepares all the regulatory documents related to the management of non-executive personnel.
o He/she maintains the administrative records of each employee.
Training and employee development monitoring (GPEC):
o He/She develops and follows the training plan
o He/she studies training needs and asks for quotes from training organizations
o He/she is the interlocutor for the follow-up of files with the OPCA
o He/She updates the training tracking table on a monthly basis and archives the documents
o It/It records in the time software (Bodet) the external and internal training hours
o He/She prepares the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the training courses of the year
o He/She prepares the support for the annual and professional interviews
o He/She retrieves the documents of the interviews, checks them and analyzes them
o He/She is in charge of writing the job cards
o He/She is responsible for the creation/updating of skills matrixes related to managers
Recruitment and Integration:
o He/She writes the ads after analysing the need with the manager
o He/She publishes offers on jobs boards and sends them to employment partners
o He/She receives and sorts CVs
o He/She is responsible for maintaining the relationship with employment partners
o He/She participates in physical interviews
o He/She creates and adapts integration paths in relation to managers
o He/She is in charge of the management of the administrative part
o He/she tracks medico/al visits
o He/She organizes and plans on-site medico/al visits
o He/she handles requests for one-time appointments for resumption medico/al visits or other
o He/she manages and follows job arrangements related to SAMETH and occupational medicine
o He/She builds up the AGEFIPH files with the necessary documents
o He/She co-hosts Brainsafe training
o He/she may be required to participate in working groups to improve working conditions
o He/She must contribute to enforcing the group's corporate policy
o He/She contributes to the daily website policy
o He/She has a role to warn about possible deviations observed or reassembled by a third party
o He/She follows the updates of the welcome booklet in connection with quality/safety service
Communication, support, support from management or managers:
o He/She co-supports managers in the organization of their service
o He/She must go back to his hierarchy the one-off or urgent needs on human and/or organizational issues
o He/she participates in the development of corporate culture and security policy
o He/She records and follows delegation vouchers in the follow-up table
o He/She contributes to the watch on legal developments, on prerogatives and obligations
o He/She organizes professional elections
o He/she prepares the annual report for the CHSCT as well as the annual report for the EC
o He/She helps to maintain social dialogue
o He/She prepares the documents for the negotiation of agreements
o He/she may be required to participate in the monthly factory round
o He/She prepares warning letters/sanction/notification/display...
o He/she may be required to contribute to the management of disputes
o He/She contributes to regulatory oversight
o He/She prepares draft endorsements for enterprise agreement or Unilateral Decision of the Employer
o He/she alerts in case of risk and proposes solutions
o He/she writes procedures for managers, employees as needed
o He/she is required to manage relationships with the following providers:
ü Payroll administrator, Schools, training centers, Temporary agency, Health & Safety consultants, Social Worker, Mutual / foresight / mareyeurs' union, Social Security
o It helps maintain processes that comply with IFS requirements
o He/She prepares the media that can be evaluated by the IFS auditors

o Diploma and experience:
- BAC - 3 minimum or equivalence with 5 years of experience
o Knowledge:
- Branch agreement
- Collective agreement
- Corporate agreements
- Unilateral decision
- Internal rules
o Languages:
- Spanish
- Desired English
o Computer skills:
- Use of office tools (word processing, spreadshee, PowerPoint...) and internal software (e.g. time management & HR software (SAGE)

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