Researcher on Occupational Risk Prevention

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Importante Agencia ubicada en Bilbao precisa incorporar a su plantilla una persona para trabajar como Researcher on Occupational Risk Prevention

Description of the work/tasks

Project management tasks in the content dealt with by the Prevention and Research Unit such as:
Contributing to the Agency's research in the field of health and safety at work.
Developing proposals for research and dissemination projects, including specification of resources, schedules, tasks and deliverables.
Supervising and monitoring research and dissemination activities, ensuring that they run to plan, within budget and meet defined objectives and quality criteria.
Exploiting findings and preparing their dissemination together with other information of relevance to EU institutions, social partners and the Member States.
Making presentations, organising and running seminars, workshops and meetings.
Drafting and editing reports and other documents based on research and other data collection for publication by the Agency.

Technical Skills

Professional experience in a similar position related to carrying out and/or managing research projects in the area of OSH and/or relevant fields, including coordination, support and planning,
Broad knowledge of OSH issues;
Experience in communicating effectively on OSH issues, such as making presentations, chairing or moderating meetings or workshops.
Additional training / experience in OSH prevention (master in Occupational Risk Prevention, work experience in Preventive Services, or similar)
Minimum experience of 3 years relevant to the tasks.

Assets considered advantageous for selection

Experience of applying qualitative and quantitative social research methods; particularly of cross-country qualitative and quantitative data collection;
A good understanding of European social and employment policies, and of the Institutional framework and functioning of the European Union;
A good understanding of labour market trends, employment and working conditions in the European Union.

Soft Skills

High adaptability skills (to different working methods, people and areas of work)
Excellent service orientated attitude and inter-personal skills

Tendrás un contrato temporal a través de adecco de 6 meses de duración.
Trabajarás de lunes a viernes en horario de jornada partida.
Tu salario oscilará dentro de esta franja salarial 23,05 y 33,38 euros brutos hora en función de la experiencia aportada.